Monday, August 9, 2010

437 : Fevistick or Lipstick


Dad : Why is your sister sitting silent..?
Tintumon : Nothing. She asked me for lipstick. I gave her Fevistick...!!! 


436 : Tintumon Vs Abraham Lincon


If i get 8 hours to cut a tree i will spend 7 hours to sharpen my knife : Abraham Lincon

If i get 8 hours to study i will spend 7 hours to find my books : Tintumon 

435 : Dark mistake and Children


"Children in the dark make mistake" : Swami Vivekanadan

"Mistakes in the dark make Children" : Swami Tintumon 


434 : Pendrive


Teacher : How to say in English that a girl is driving 

Tintumon : Pendrive ...!!


433 : Detergent Detergent


Pinkumon : Eda,ente shirt detergent upayogichu kazhukiyapol cheruthayi....ini enth cheyum...?

Tintumon : Saramilla,nee aa detergent itt kulichal mathi....!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

432 : A for apple B for...


Tintumon's new style

A- for - Apple
B- for - Big Apple
C- for - Cheriya Apple
D- for - Double Apple
E- for - Ettavum Kunji Apple
F- for - First paranjille aa Apple


Friday, August 6, 2010

431 : Butterfly Cooker


Tintumon : A Rice Cooker slipped from the 5th floor..But didn't get damaged....Can you guess why....?

Pinkumon : eh..aa...ariyilla...

Tintumon : Because it was a ‘Butterfly’ Cooker....!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

430 : Marriage Certificate


Tintumon was looking at his marriage certificate for more than one hour...

Wife : What are you looking at it for so long...? 

Tintumon : Just searching where the expiry date is....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

429 : Just came now


Tintumon was having alcohol at the balcony of his flat in first floor


Suddenly he fell down

People gathered around and asked him : What happened sir..?


Tintumon : I dont know, I also came just now...!


428 : Inelligence Vs Hair


Tintumon : Teacher, Why Gandhiji has no hair on his head....??


Teacher : Because of his great intelligence....


Tintumon : Now I realized why girls have long hair....!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

427 : Farewell Words to Teacher


On farewell day....

Tintumon : Teacher...arinjho ariyadheyo endhelum thettu cheydhittundel ennodu….

Teacher : Endha Tintu idhinte okke aavashyam undo…

Tintumon : Cheydhittundel pettennu kshama chodhicholu..illel teacherinte carinte tire le kaattu ippo theerum...

Monday, August 2, 2010

426 : Alexander The Great Mohanlal


Tintumon met Mohanlal

Tintumon : I am your fan sir

Mohanlal : Ente padagal ellam kaanaarundo..?

Tintumon : "Alexander The Great” Kandu, 

Mohanlal : Eth theater la kandath..?

TintumonDVD yilaa kandath

Mohanlal : Mone Theater l Kanande...?

Tintumon : Ottayku Padam Kanan Enikku Pediya …!

425 : Semifinalist and Finalist


Tintumon kamukiyude kalyanathinu poyi.

Penninte Achan : Nee aara... ?

Tintumon : Njan semiyil thottayala innu final kanan vannatha....!

424 : Beverage Pledge


Pledge of Tintumon before starting Drinking

Bar is my Country...

All kudiyans are my niyans and aliyans....

I love my brand very much.....

I make vall throughout my Bar and Street...

Jai Beverage....!

423 : Nuna Parishodhana Yanthram


Pinkumon : Da nee nuna parishodhana yanthram kandittundo..?

Tintumon : Ente veetil orennam undu....?

Pinkumon : Aano..? enne kaanich tharaamo...?

Tintumon : Innu 5 manick shesham veetil vaa...ath officil ninnu varumbhol 5 mani aavum...

Pinkumon : Enth machino..?

Tintumon : Alla ente Bharya...!!