Monday, July 18, 2011

755 : 7 Wonders of Love

Tintumon : Do you know about the 7 Wonders of Love..??

Aarumon : No

Tintumon :
1) Two Girls sitting quite

2)City girl cooking lunch

3)Wife not asking money

4) Girl friend paying bill

5)Girls coming out without makeup

6) wife not going to shopping

7)Girl saying , I have loved only one boy

754 : The Unbelievable Exchange Offer

Aarumon : I got a brand new BMW 7 series for my wife

Tintumon : Wow, thats an unbelievable exchange offer..Where is it available..??

753 : Minimum Area with Maximum Number of Color Paints

Aarumon : Tell me the minimum area with maximum number of color paints in it..??

Tintumon : Girl's Face..!!

752 : Thettu Koodaathe Ettu Parayuka

Teacher : Marachuvattil avar kaliyum chiriyum bahalavumayi othu koodi

Tintumon : Marichavaatil avar Kaliyum chiriyum bahalavumayi othu koodi..!!

751 : Without Glass for 96 Years

Rosimol : My grandfather lived for 96 years and he never used Glasses

Tintumon : Yea, I know..Some people who drink directly from Bottle..!!