Sunday, August 28, 2011

798 : Difference Between Gandhiji & Anna Hazare

Aarumon : What is the difference between Gandhiji & Anna Hazare..??

Tintumon : Gandhiji fought against the external forces to stop their rule in India and Anna Hazare fought against the internal forces who rule India in S&C model

Aarumon : What is S&C Model..??

Tintumon : Scams & Corruption Model..!!

Yea only scams

Thursday, August 25, 2011

797 : Reason Why India is not Winning even a Single Game in England

Tintumon : Do you know why India is not winning even a single game in England..??

Aarumon : No, I dont know

Tintumon : Supporting Anna Hazare. India will not win a single game until the JanLokpal bill is approved..!!

Ha ha ha

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

796 : Thats exactly what I said

Tintumon returns home from school early and says Teacher send me out of the class

Dad : Why..??

Tintumon : The teacher asked me how much is 2 x 3 and i said 6

Dad : But thats right

Tintumon : Then she asked me how much is 3 x 2

Dad : Whats the fucking difference

Tintumon : Thats exactly what i said..!!

Ha ha ha

795 : Understanding a Girl

Sajjumon : How to understand a Girl..??

Tintumon : Its not possible

Sajjumon : Why..??

Tintumon : Understanding a girl is like downloading a 1GB file with a 2 kbps speed and when you have downloaded 95% you will get an error message..!!

The Truth

794 : How many Indians will be Happy...??

One day the Presidents of three major Political parties of India were traveling in a Helicopter

One of them dropped a Rs.100 note and said : I made one poor Indian happy today

Second one dropped two Rs. 50 notes and said : I made two poor Indians happy today

Third one dropped 10 Rs.10 notes and said : I made ten poor Indians happy today

After hearing all this the Pilot Tintumon said

Tintumon : I shall drop down all three of you and all the 125 Crore Indians will be happy forever..!!

The cheaters

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

793 : Meaning of ABCDEFG and GFEDCBA

Sajjumon : Do you know the meaning of ABCDEFG..??

Tintumon : No

Sajjumon : A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl

Tintumon : Do you know the meaning of its reversal, GFEDCBA..??

Sajjumon : No

Tintumon : Girls Forget Everything Done & Catches new Boy Again..!!

Hows it..??

Thursday, August 11, 2011

792 : Thats Good

Tintumon : Hey, I got married

Aarumon : Oh, thats good

Tintumon : No, thats bad. She is ugly

Aarumon : Oh, thats bad

Tintumon : No thats good, she is rich

Aarumon : Oh, thats good

Tintumon : No thats bad, she wont give me a single paisa

Aarumon : Oh, thats bad

Tintumon : No thats good, she bought me a big house

Aarumon : Oh, thats good

Tintumon : No thats bad, the house burnt down

Aarumon : Oh, thats bad

Tintumon : No thats good, she was inside...!!

Thats Good

Monday, August 8, 2011

791 : Where is India's Capital

Teacher : Where is India's Capital..?

Tintumon : In Switzerland

Teacher : Where..??

Tintumon : Especially in Swiss Banks..!!

Thats True

790 : Tintumon's Letter

Tintumon's Letter to Rosimol


Ente sneham nee thiricharinjhilla. Nee allayirunno ente jeevan. Ath ethra thavana njan ninnod paranjhittund. Nee illaathe, ninne kaanaathe ini engane njan jeevickum. Ath nee orthittundo..??

Nee chodhichathellam njan thannille. Ente Super mante padamulla ruber, Donald Duck water bottle. Ellaam potte. Ente ABCD ezhuthiya 4 line book vare njan thannille...??

Ennittu nee maathram poyi.....

Onnaam Classileck...!!

UKG suppy ezhuthaan Tintumonte jeevitham iniyum baacki...!!


LKG Failed


Sunday, August 7, 2011

789 : Bharya Olichodi

A newly married Malayalam Film Star nte wife aarude koodeyo olichodi. Adheham Tintumon SI aya police stationil complain koduckaan ethi

Film Star : Ente bhaarya oodippoy Sir

Tintumon : Ninte padamo oodunnilla Bharya engilum onnu oodattedo...!!

Ha ha ha

788 : Gandhiji or Nehruji

Tintumon : I am really confused now..??

Aarumon : What happened..??

Tintumon : Nehru told 'Laziness is the biggest enemy' and Gandhiji told to 'Love your enemies'

Aarumon : So

Tintumon : Whom i should obey...?? Bapu ko ya Chacha ko..??

Real Confusion..!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

787 : 4 + 4 = 10

Rosimol : Eppozhaanu 4 + 4 = 10 aakunnath...??

Tintumon : Utharam Thettumbhol..!!

He He He

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

786 : Homework in Facebook

Teacher : Where is your Homework..??

Tintumon : I have uploaded it

Teacher : Where..??

Tintumon : In Facebook and have tagged you in that too..!!

Height of Social Networking

Monday, August 1, 2011

785 : Law of Tension

Tintumon's Law of Tension

Tension is inversely proportional to the number of days left for the exams where 'Naale Padickaam' remains constant

Naale Padickano..??

Sunday, July 31, 2011

784 : Whats is Love

Aarumon : What is Love..??

Tintumon : Etho oruthan kettan pokunna penninu ice cream, chochlates, sweets, churidhar, watch, chappal thudangiyava ellam gift koduth, dummy figure aayirunnavale super figure aacki aarcko kettichu koduckunna maha sambhavam aanu 'Love'

The truth behind Love

783 : Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar Pakistan External Affairs Minister

Tintumon : Pakistan External Affairs Minister Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar visited India last week

Aarumon : Yea, I heard

Tintumon : Who was the saddest man in India when she visited India..??

Aarumon : I don't know

Tintumon : Shashi Tharoor..!!

So lovely Minister

782 : August 15

Teacher : Gandhijiyude kadhina prayatnam kondu August 15 nu namuck enth kitti..??

Tintumon : Holiday kitti

Teacher : Ath maathre kittiyollo..??

Tintumon : Oru muttaayiyum kitti..!!

Thats also right

Thursday, July 28, 2011

781 : Life Request

Teacher : Every walk of life will contain Ups and downs, Stones and sand, Flowers and Thorns, Hard Soil and Soft soil..Now tell what did you understand by this..??

Tintumon : Please wear Chappals always..!!

Like this

780 : Ganga Yamuna Sindhu Kaveri

Aarumon : India yile main rivers ethockeyaa..??

Tintumon : Ganga, Yamuna, Sindhu, Kaveri etc

Aarumon : Athenthaa ithinellam Sthreekalude peru ittirickunnath..??

Tintumon : Purushanmaarude Kulisheelam vardhippickaan aayirickum..!!


779 : Party Dance

In a party. Tintumon went to an average Girl

Tintumon : Are you going to dance..??

Girl : Yes (So happily)

Tintumon : Great, Can I have your chair..??

He he he

778 : Duckworth-Lewis Rule

Tintumon : Teacher, Ente exam paper nockiyo..??

Teacher : Illa, Innale raathri ath nockaan eduthappol current poyi

Tintumon : Engil pinne Duckworth-Lewis Rule prakaaram jeyippich koode..??

Yea Sure

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

777 : Who found Romance and Love

Aarumon : Who found Romance and Love..??

Tintumon : I think Chinese found it

Aarumon : Why..??

Tintumon : There is no Guarantee, if it works ok otherwise gone..!!

Another Truth

776 : Difference Between Doctor and Lawyer

Aarumon : Whats the difference between a Doctor and a Lawyer..??

Tintumon : For the mistakes of a Doctor a person is buried 6 feet below but for the mistakes of a Lawyer the person is hanged 6 feet above..!!

Thats True

775 : Ice Cream

Madyapich vazhiyarikil irukukayaayirunna Tintumonte aduth koode oru fire engine maniyum adich poyi.

Ith kanda Tintumon athinte pirake oodi. Avasanam oppam ethaan pattathe thalarnna Tintumon paranjhu

Tintumon : Podaa..Po...Ingane poyaal ninte ice cream oru pattiyum vaangilla..!!

Ice cream Vickaan nadackunnu

774 : Bhandangal Swarnam Poleyaanu

Achan : Nineck 5 kaamukimaar undennu kettallo Tintu, Sheriyaanodaa..??

Tintumon : Bhandangal Swarnam Poleyanachaa..Ethrayere undo athrayum santhosham..!!

So Cool

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

773 : Best Solution for Ladies

Two ladies were fighting for a seat in the bus, both claiming they came first.

Tintumon : I think the one who is more aged should take the seat

Both looked each other. But seat remained empty.

Tintumon took the seat and traveled happily

So Simple

772 : Respected Love

Tintumon : Di...I Love You

Rosimol : Edo...Kurach maanyamaayi samsaarich koode

Titumon : Ethrayum bahumanappetta Rosimole, Njan ninne Maanyamaayi premickunnu..!!

Thats all

771 : Kanjhi Kudickaan

Pichackaran : Kanjhi kudickaan vallathum tharane

Tintumon : Spoon Mathiyo..??

Here is Spoon & Fork

770 : Sign Board for Keep Silence

Tintumon was asked to write a sign board for conveying the message to keep the mobile phones in silent mode for a conference room.

Tintumon wrote like this.

Please keep your Mobile Phones in 'Manmohan Singh Mode'

Pin Drop Silence

769 : Facebook Marital Status Change

Tintumon's wife died. Just after the funeral.

Aarumon : Is there anything left to do..??

Tintumon : Yea, one more thing to do

Aarumon : Whats that..??

Tintumon : Bring my laptop, I have to change my marital status to 'Single'


768 : English Word of Kurangan

Teacher : Kurangan enna vaackinte English word parayoo..??

Tintumon : Monkey

Teacher : Sathyam parayeda, nee book nockiyalle paranjhath..??

Tintumon : Aey alla Sir

Teacher : Pinne

Tintumon : Njan Sarinte mugath nockiyaa paranjhath..!!


Monday, July 25, 2011

767 : Race Between Pulsar & Karisma

Tintumon : Today there was a race in the highway between a Pulsar and a Karisma

Aarumon : Finally who reached first..??

Tintumon : Finally Ambulance reached first..!!


766 : A similar child

Tintumon married Rosimol. In First Night

Rosimol : I want a baby exactly like you

Tintumon : Ok, I shall ask my parents to try for it..!!

Oh my God

Sunday, July 24, 2011

765 : Maths Definition

Aarumon : Whats the definition of Maths..??

Tintumon : Maths is the act of searching a black cat which doesn't have eyes in a dark room..!!
Real Definition

764 : Laddu

Rosimol went to Tintumon's Bakery

Tintumon : Hai Rosi, have this Laddu

Rosimol ate it and asked

Rosimol : Whats special today..??

Tintumon : Today is 1 year celebration

Rosimol : Of this shop..??

Tintumon : No, of that Laddu you had...!!

Manassil oru Laddu Potti

763 : Save Petrol

Tintumon was asked to write a sign board on the topic 'Save Petrol'

Tintumon wrote this way

'Avoid Girlfriends it saves 90% of petrol'

The Truth

762 : Alcohol Kills Slowly

One day Tintumon drunk a lot. When he reached home

Dad : Tintu, Don't drink Alcohol

Tintumon : Why..??

Dad : Alcohol Kills Slowly

Tintumon : So what..?? Who is in a hurry..!!

What to say now..??

Saturday, July 23, 2011

761 : Gravitational Pull

In Physics Class. Tintumon was sleeping and his head was going down

Teacher : Whats this Tintu..??

Tintumon : Gravitational Pull Miss..!!

The Ultimate answer

760 : Ladies Hostel Caught Fire

Aarumon : Dear our Girls Hostel got fire Yesterday

Tintumon : Yea, I know

Aarumon : It took almost 1 hour to bring the fire under control

Tintumon : Yea, and it took 3 hours to bring the firemen under control..!!

Nice Fire

759 : Raid at Houses of Kerala superstars Mohanlal & Mammootty

Rosimol : Yesterday there was a raid on the houses of our Superstars Mohanlal & Mammootty

Tintumon : There was another incident also

Rosimol : Whats that..??

Tintumon : Prithvirajappan called Income Tax office and asked them to raid his house also saying He is also a Superstar..!!
Paavam Paavam Prithvirajappan

758 : Why to Learn..New Theory

Aarumon  : Is it necessary to learn..??

Tintumon : The more you learn, the more you know. The more you know, the more you forget. The more you forget, the less you know. So why Learn..??

Why to learn...??

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

757 : Shastram Thottu

Aarumon : 12 kollam munpu Bondakku 50 paisa, mobile callinu 5 roopa.. ippo callinu 50 paisa bondakku 5 roopa..!!
Tintumon : Churukkathil paranjhaal Shasthram thottu, Bonda jayichu..!!

756 : keeriya 500 Rupees Note

Tintumon : Idha ente accountileku ee 500 roopa idanam
Cashier : note edukilla..idhu keeriyadhanu vere venam
Tintumon : Ente accountil ichiri keeriya note kidannalum enikku kuzhapamilla…idhangotu itteku..njan sahicholam..!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

755 : 7 Wonders of Love

Tintumon : Do you know about the 7 Wonders of Love..??

Aarumon : No

Tintumon :
1) Two Girls sitting quite

2)City girl cooking lunch

3)Wife not asking money

4) Girl friend paying bill

5)Girls coming out without makeup

6) wife not going to shopping

7)Girl saying , I have loved only one boy

754 : The Unbelievable Exchange Offer

Aarumon : I got a brand new BMW 7 series for my wife

Tintumon : Wow, thats an unbelievable exchange offer..Where is it available..??

753 : Minimum Area with Maximum Number of Color Paints

Aarumon : Tell me the minimum area with maximum number of color paints in it..??

Tintumon : Girl's Face..!!

752 : Thettu Koodaathe Ettu Parayuka

Teacher : Marachuvattil avar kaliyum chiriyum bahalavumayi othu koodi

Tintumon : Marichavaatil avar Kaliyum chiriyum bahalavumayi othu koodi..!!

751 : Without Glass for 96 Years

Rosimol : My grandfather lived for 96 years and he never used Glasses

Tintumon : Yea, I know..Some people who drink directly from Bottle..!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

750 : Search Engine Faster than Google

Aarumon : Is there a search engine which searches faster than Google..??

Tintumon : Yes, A boy's eye

Aarumon : When..??

Tintumon : In searching a beautiful girl from a Crowd..!!

749 : Honest Man, Wise Man & Husband

Teacher : If a man surrenders when he is wrong, He is a..??

Tintumon : Honest Man

TeacherIf a man surrenders when he is not sure, He is a..??

Tintumon : Wise Man

Teacher : If a man surrenders even if he is right, He is a..??

Tintumon : Husband..!!