Saturday, September 25, 2010

496 : No Third World War Please


Tintumon praying at church

Tintumon : God, keep peace on earth so that no third world war is going to happen

The priest heard this and asked Tintumon

Priest : Very good boy, You really follow the path of Christ

Tintumon : No Father, I am so weak in History and I can’t study another war..that's why... 

495 : Wanna be Doctor Because


Teacher : What do you want to become...?

Tintumon : Doctor

Teacher : Good, tell me why did you select this profession...?

Tintumon : Because it is the only profession where you can tell a woman to take off her dress and ask her husband to pay for it…!!

494 : Kannada Veckunnath Eppol..?


Teacher : Entha Tintu njan varumbol matram kannada veckunnathu...?

Tintumon : Doctor paranju thalavedhana varumpol matram kannada veckaan..!!

493 : Initials Change


Tintumon : Delhiyil ethiyaal Initials purakil aakunna manthriyude peru parayaamo..?

Aarumon : Aaaa..ariyilla...

Tintumon : G Sudakaran (Sukagarangi at Delhi)