Thursday, July 28, 2011

781 : Life Request

Teacher : Every walk of life will contain Ups and downs, Stones and sand, Flowers and Thorns, Hard Soil and Soft soil..Now tell what did you understand by this..??

Tintumon : Please wear Chappals always..!!

Like this

780 : Ganga Yamuna Sindhu Kaveri

Aarumon : India yile main rivers ethockeyaa..??

Tintumon : Ganga, Yamuna, Sindhu, Kaveri etc

Aarumon : Athenthaa ithinellam Sthreekalude peru ittirickunnath..??

Tintumon : Purushanmaarude Kulisheelam vardhippickaan aayirickum..!!


779 : Party Dance

In a party. Tintumon went to an average Girl

Tintumon : Are you going to dance..??

Girl : Yes (So happily)

Tintumon : Great, Can I have your chair..??

He he he

778 : Duckworth-Lewis Rule

Tintumon : Teacher, Ente exam paper nockiyo..??

Teacher : Illa, Innale raathri ath nockaan eduthappol current poyi

Tintumon : Engil pinne Duckworth-Lewis Rule prakaaram jeyippich koode..??

Yea Sure