Thursday, June 9, 2011

690 : Best and Worst Photos of a Man

Tintumon : Where will you find the Best and Worst Photos of a Man..?

Aarumon : I dont know

Tintumon : Best Photo in the Facebook profile and the worst photo in Voter's ID Card

689 : The Luckiest Husband in the World

Dundumon : Who is the luckiest husband in the World..?

Tintumon : Kanimozhi's Husband

Dundumon : Why..?

Tintumon : 214 Crores in the Bank and Wife in the Jail...!!

688 : Biology and Sociology

Teacher : Define Biology and Sociology

Tintumon : If new born baby looks like his father its Biology and if he looks like his neighbour that is called Sociology..!!

687 : Baby Diploma

Tintumon Chechiyude Kuttiye Kalippikunnu : Mone Diplomae..oodi vaadaa

Athu Kandu ninna Tintuvinte Friend : Diplomayo.? Athenth Pera da..?

Tintumon : Aa Ariyilla, Chechi "Diplomayum Konde Varu.." Ennum Paranj Banglorinu Poyatha., Vannappo Konduvannatha ee irikunna item..!!

686 : What do you like the most in me

One day Tintumon's wife asked him : What do you like the most in me, my pretty face or my sexy body..?

Tintumon looked at her from head to toe and told : Your sense of Humour..!!

685 : Moral of the Story

Teacher : One day a girl asked her boyfriend

Girl : What will you do if I die..?

Boy : I will live happily for the rest of the life

Next day the girl committed suicide with a note saying 'I will do anything for your happiness'

Teacher : What is the moral of the story..?

Tintumon : Never Joke with brainless girls..!!