Thursday, March 31, 2011

655 : Francis

Teacher : Which is the Language used in China..?

Dundumol : Chineese

Teacher : What about Japan..?

Aarumon : Japanese

Teacher : And in France...?

Tintumon : Francis..!!

654 : Valavum Keedanaashiniyum

Karshakashree Award Tintumonu kitti. Interview nadathaanaayi ethiya reporter

Reporter : Sir…Thankalck ithrayum vilavu labhikkan eth valamaanu upayogichath..??

Tintumon : Reshanari valamaayum ath kazhukiya vellam keedanaashini aayum upayogichu..!!

653 : Premam

Aarumon : Da Tintu, Ninte premam enthaayi..??

Tintumon : Aval vilickaan thudangiyedaa

Aarumon : Wow, Kollallo..Engana vilickunne...??

Tintumon : Aadyam thanthack vilickum...pinne idack thallackum...!!

652 : G or H

Aarumon : Da Pinkumol illadhe enikku jeevikkan valiya kazhiyilla

Tintumon : Hmmm.. ‘G’ vikkan valiya budhimuttanel ini kure kaalam ‘H’ vikkan nokku..alla pinne…

651 : Pisa Tower

Teacher : Pisa gopuram evidaanennu paranjhittu nee innu veetileck poyaal mathi

Tintumon : Sathyamaayittum njan eduthittilla..Ente trouserinu pocket polum illa...venel nockicko..

650 : Mobile Number Portability

Dundumon : What is mobile number portability..??

Tintumon : Bharya pazhaya shoshamma thanne pakshe service Leelammede..!

649 : By Mistake or Not

Teacher : Suppose if by mistake you step on a lady's foot. What will you do..?

Tintumon : I say, Pardon me

Teacher : Very Good. Now suppose if the lady hugs you and say its alright, What will you do..?

Tintumon : I will step on the other foot..!!

648 : Appendicitis

Doctor : Have You Ever Had Trouble With Appendicitis..?
Tintumon : Yes…!

Doctor : When …?
Tintumon : Whenever I Try To Spell It …!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

647 : The Final Wish to Die on Cross

Tintuvine thooki kollan vidichu
Judge : Avasanamy enthenkilum parayanundo..?

Tintumon : Enne kurishil tharachu konnal mathi
Judge : Why..??
Tintumon : Moonnam divasam uyarth ezhunnelckumallo..!!

646 : Indian Movies taught this

Teacher : Do you watch movies..??

Tintumon : Yes

Teacher : What did the Indian movies teach you..??

Tintumon : A lot of things

Teacher : What are they..??

Tintumon : Like,

1. Atleast one of the identical twins is born evil

2. When you try to defuse a bomb, dont worry which wire you cut, you will always choose the right one

3. When you turn off the light to go to bed, everything in your room will still be clearly visible

4. A man will show no pain when taking the most ferocious beating, but will wince when a woman tries to clean his wounds

5. A detective can solve a case only if he has been suspended from the duty

6. If you decide to start dancing in the street, everyone you meet will know all the steps

645 ; Law of Wrong Number

Law of Wrong Number by Tintumon

When dialing a wrong number it will never be engaged..!!

644 : The Law of Encounter

The Law of Encounter by Tintumon

The probability of meeting a known person is high when you are with someone you are not supposed to be..!!

643 : The Law of Reachability

Law of Reachability by Tintumon 

The coin dropped by you will attain the farthest and the most unreachable distance possible..!!

642 : The Law of Grease

Law of Grease by Tintumon

Whenever there is Grease in your hands your nose starts to itch terribly..!!

641 : The Law of Queue

 The Law of Queue by Tintumon
The queue you have left will move faster than the one you are currently standing in...!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

640 : I Miss You

Teacher : 'I miss You' ennathinte meaning endha..??

Tintumon : Njan ninte teacher aanu..!!

639 : The Best Singer Wife

Wife : Why do you walk out every time i start singing..??

Tintumon : So that neighbours don't think that i am beating you..!!

638 : ATM Machine

Aarumon asks the trainer Tintumon in the gym : I want to impress that beautiful girl , which machine should I use..?

Trainer Tintumon : Use the ATM Machine

637 : Chanakam

Tintumon roadil entho kandu..

Samshayam thonni alpam kayyil eduthu..

Pinne ruchichu nokki..


Tintumon : Ho chanakam thanne, bhagayam chavittiyilla.!!

636 : Kidney Failure

Tintumon Hospitalil Doctore kaanaan poyi. Doctor checked him and told

Doctor : Kidney failure aayi

Tintumon kure neram karanjhu..ennittu doctorodu chodhichu

Ethra markinaa thottath...??

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

635 : Facebook


Dundumol Tintumonodu : Face bookil undo..??

Tintumon : Illa Chayackadayile pattubookil undu…!!

634 : Kazhuthapuli

Tintumon : Ninte name first name-um, ente name last name-um aayi varana oru jeeviyude name parayamo...?
Dundumol : Angane oru jeevi illa
Tintumon : Appo Kazuthapuliyo...!!

633 : Meaning of Drinks


Tintumon : Do you know the meaning of Drinks..?

Aarumon : No

Tintumon :  
D - Delicious after 1 pegs
R - Romantic after 2 pegs
I - Interesting after 3 pegs
N - Naughty after 4 pegs
K - King after 5 pegs
S - Snake after 6 pegs 


632 : The Right Proverb

Japanese proverb:

"If one can do it, you too can do it
If none can do it, you must do it"

Indian proverb:

"If one can do it , let him do it
If none can do it, leave it"

After reading this Tintumon made a Proverb:

"If one can do it, stop him doing it
If none can do it, make a hartal against it"

631 : Final Wish


Kuttavaliyaya tintumonodu Judge : Thooki kollunathinu munbu enthenkilum agraham undo..?

 Tintumon : Enne thalakuthi nirthi thookilital mathi..!!

630 : Current Adickumo..?


Dundumon came to Tintumon's House and they were playing games in the computer

Dundumon : Eda tintu , e USB eduthal current adikkumo...?

TintumonCurrent adickilla pakshe njan adickum...!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

629 : Marriage and The Ring


Aarumon : Whats Marriage..?

Tintumon : Marriage is a three ring circus

Aarumon : How..?

Tintumon : An engagement ring, a wedding ring and suffering..!!

628 : The Successful Man


Dundumon : Who is a Successful Man...??

Tintumon : A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend...!!

627 : With Pichackaran

Pichakaran : Enthelum tharanae.. vallathum kazhichittu 7 divasamayi....
Tintumon : Enthadei vishapponnum ille...??

626 : Confidence and Over Confidence


Aarumon : Whats difference between Confidence and Over Confidence..??

Tintumon : 12 boys planned  to propose a girl..10 boys came with a rose..But one came with a ring - thats confidence...

Aarumon : But what about  the Other One..?

Tintumon : He went to book auditorium for their marriage..Thats Over Confidence...!!

625 : Prime Minister of India


Teacher : Who is the Prime Minister of India..?

Pinkumol : Manmohan Singh

Teacher : Very Good, Who is the First female Prime Minister of India..?

Tintumon : Woman-mohan Singh

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

624 : The Change From LKG to College


Girl : Oru Pencil tharumo..?
Tintumon : Podi..njan missinodu paranju kodukkum
6th Standard
Girl : Oru Pencil tharumo...?
Tintumon : Hmm..inna.. 
Plus Two
Girl : Pencil..?
Tintumon : Oh my veno...atho...???
Girl : ...?
Tintumon : Kutti..ninte pen sharikku theliyunnilla ennu thonunnu..inna ente pen edutholoo…!!!