Monday, February 28, 2011

623 : Best Self Control Test


Aarumon : What is the best way to test Self control...?

Tintumon : Try to sleep early on your first night...!!


622 : Love Starters


Pinkumol : Naanamille ingane nokki nilkkan..? Ninakku veetil pengal onnum ille...?

Tintumon : Undallo adhukonda nokkiyadhu

Pinkumol : Enth....?

Tintumon : Athelo…ente pengalkku oru chedathiyamma venamennu paranjirunnu…atha nokkiyathu…!!!

621 : Sambharum Rasavum


Dundumol : Sambharum Rasavum thammilulla difference enthaa...??

Tintumon : Sambhar kudichaal oru rasam undaakum pakshe Rasam kudichaal oru Saambharum undavilla...!!

620 : Aarum Sheriyalla


Tintumon : Ee naatukaar aarum sheriyalledo...

Aarumon : Athenna angane paranjhath

Tintumon : Oraale 3,4 per chernnu kavalayil ittu thalliyittu aarum ayaale sahaayichilla

Aarumon : Oho..Appo nee enthe ayale sahaayickaanjhe...?

Tintumon : Thallu vanngickondirunna njan enganeyada enne thanne rekshickunnath...!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

619 : Pacha Niram


Botony teacher : Nammude chutupaadumulla chedigalum pullugalum ellam enthu kondanu pacha nirathil kaanapedunnadhu...??

Tintumon : Nammal daily pacha vellam alle ozhichu kodukkunne.. adhu kondavum teacher…!!


Friday, February 25, 2011

618 : First Call


Teacher : Aarkengilum onninu poganam ennu thoniyal dhe enne nokki aa choondu viral pondhichu kaanichal madhi

Tintumon : Angane kaanichal aa thonal theerumo teacher…??


Thursday, February 24, 2011

617 : One Truck Liquor


Constable : Sir, We caught one Truck of Liquor

Tintumon(S.I) : Then go and catch one Truck of Soda and come back soon..!!

616 : Aapathile Sahayi



Rathri 12 mani, korichoriyunna mazha. Oru veetilek odikayariya Tintumon vathilil mutti. Oral vathil thurannu.

Tintumon : Onnu undhi tharo....?

Urakathilayirunna ayal pattillennu paranju vathil adachu. Kurachu kazhinju ayalk thonni 'enne e avasthayil aarum sahayichillenkilo..?' Ayal vathil thurannitu chodichu" njan undhi tharam. Nee evideya...?

Tintumon : Njan engum poyittilla. Oonjalil thanne irippund vegam va...!!



Monday, February 21, 2011

615 : Mummy and English

Tintumonte Ammakku veettil English parayanam ennu nirbandhammannu..

Oru divasam Amma tintumonodu pasunne karakan paranju appol Tintumon


Tintumon : If you Marry the cow I shall rotate it (Amma pasune kettiyal njan pasunne karakam)


614 : Law of Reverse Dynamics



Tintumon launches the Law Of Reverse Dynamics:


When A Man Becomes Rich He Becomes Naughty... 



When A Woman Becomes Naughty....She Becomes Rich..!!


613 : Essay on Cow



Titumon's essay on "Indian Cow"

He is the cow. He has got four legs, two r forward n two r afterwards. Its gives Milk which comes frm 4 taps attached to d bacement. He is mostly a girl. Its motion is very usefull, dark green in colour. It has tail situated in d backyard of its bumper. He dies, after the death we get Beef fry.



Sunday, February 20, 2011

612 : Ningalude Maavum Pookum



Dundumol : Ethra vellam ozhichittum valam ittittum ente veetila maavu pookkunilla...Enth cheyyum

Tintumon : Nee Jyothis'il chernal mathi...." NINTE MAAVUM POOKKUM "


611 : New Element By Tintumon



Scientist Tintumon invented new element.

Element name : GIRL

Symbol : GL

Atomic no : 143

Found : Everywhere

Physical properties : Boils at any anytime, freeze anybody anytime, melts when handled with love and care, very reactive, highly unstable, attracted towards gold, silver etc…

Uses : Used to destroy boys, Good reducing agent of money...!!!


610 : Tenth Month


Teacher : Ist Month January, 2nd Month february..Then what is 10th Month...?

Tintumon : Delivery...!!

609 : Drakula

Tintumon's wife gave birth to a Child

Nurse : Urgently need a bottle of Blood

Tintumon : Avalentha Draculaye aano prasaviche..?

608 : Not getting Fit



Tintumon : Doctor njan ethra vellam adichalum fit aakunnilla

Doctor : Kalla panni, nee ippo full fitta njan Doctor alla ninte Thanthayada..!


607 : Best Valentine's Card



Tintumon to shop keeper : Give me the best Valentines day card

Shopkeeper : See this.., Quote is really super.. “To the only girl I ever loved...”

Tintumon : Wow, Super...Give 10 Similar Cards...!!

606 : Laziness at the Best


Tintumon : Mom, Please give me a glass of Water

Mom : You come and Drink

Tintumon : Please Mom

Mom : If you repeat it, I will slap you

Tintumon : Ok, Bring the water when you come to Slap me...!!

605 : 3 Unforgettables


Teacher : Tell three unforgettable things in your life...?

Tintumon : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner...!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

604 : Dinosar and Good Ladies



Tintumon : Nalla penkuttykalum Dinosarum thammiulla bantham enthaanennu parayamo..?


Aarumon : Size aano...

Tintumon : Alla, randum ippol bhoomiyililla....!!!



Friday, February 18, 2011

603 : The Beautiful Name



Tintumon prayed to God finally he appeared and asked Tintumon


God : What you want...?

Tintumon  : A beautiful girl

God : If you are a muslim I will give you Katrina, If Hindu-Anushka, If Christain-Genelia....? Whats Your name...?

Tintumon : Abdul Narayan Thomas



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

602 : Best Valentine Gift



Aarumon : What should i give as valentine gift...?

Tintumon : What all you want to see in a Valentine gift...?

Aarumon : 1) Should have colour of love
2) Having high marketing value
3) Should see tears of happiness from the receiver.


Tintumon : Then better gift 1 Kg Onion...!! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

601 : Valentine's Day Meaning With Wishes


V = is for Valentine; You are my only Valentine.. 

A = is for, i will alwayz be yours..

L = is for Love at itz most extreme..

E = is for Everlasting love; Ecstatic love..

N = is for Never-ending love.. 

T = is for we will alwayz be Together forever..

I = is for you being Intelligent & Innocent..

N = is for Natures naughty way of saying I love you ..

E = is for Eternity our love is so Everlasting...!


Happy Valentine's Day to all Tintumon Lovers...


Sunday, February 13, 2011

600 : Lost Key



Tintumon : Doctor ente anyian key vizhungi..

Doctor : Eppo..??


Tintumon : 3 masam munp

Doctor : Ennittu ithu vare ningal enthu cheyyarunnu..??


Tintumon : Ente kayil duplicate undayirunnu....ippo athum poyi.


599 : Lover's Everest



Tintumon : Njan ninakku vendi everest keezhadakam... kadalukal neenthi  kadakkam..


Dundumol : Innu rathri enne kaanan varumo..?


Tintumon : Oh innu nalla mazhayanu...purathu poyal amma thallum...


598 : Rooster's Alarm Time



Teacher : Kozhi koovunath eppol...?

a) Morning

b) Noon

c) Evening


d) Night

Tintumon : Ithonumalla Teacher ”MUNSHIK Shesham”


597 : Best Friend



Aarumon : Lokathile Best friends aarocke aanennu parayaamo...?

Tintumon : Nammude kannukal, Bcoz randum orumichu urangum, orumichu unarum, orumichu karayum etc.

Aarumon : Appol oru pennine kandal oru kannu mathram adakkunnath enthu konda...??

Tintumon : Oru pennu vicharichal ethu friendshippum thakarckan pattunnathu kondada.....!!


596 : Aadyathe Kutti

Tintumonte wife pregnant ayi. Avar Doctore kaanaan poyi

Hospitalil vech Doctor Tintumonod : Aadyathe kutti ano..??

Tintumon : Alla, njan ivalude bharthava…!!!

595 : Porotta


Teacher : Lokathil ettavum kooduthal adichamarthapetta vargam ethanu..??

Tintumon : Porotta

594 : Kulickande..??


Amma : Kulikkunnilleda...??

Tintumon : Und…

Amma : Eda kulikkunnilleeennu..??


Amma : Ethra neramayi?..??nee kulikkunnilleda..?...?

Tintumon : Undennu…

Amma : Pinne enthonna aalochichirikkunne..??

Tintumon : Ennu kulickanam enna...!!

593 : Pranayam


Aarumon : Pranayathe enthinodaa upamickaan kazhiyuka....??

Tintumon : Cinemayodu

Aarumon : Engane..??

Tintumon : Ippo njan Pinkumole premickaanennu veck, athil

Production : Njan
Direction : Pinkumol
Music : Kootukar
Stunt : Veetukar and
Distribution : Naatukar...!!


592 : First Night Thought


Tintumonte first nightil…

Dundumol : Ithrayum naal nammal snehichu, eppol nammal kalyanam kazhichu….enthu thonnunnu..??

TintumonAvsanam njan pettupoyi ennu thonnunnu..!!


591 : Marketing And Feedback


Aarumon : What is direct marketing and customer feedback..??

Tintumon : Look, Pinkumol is coming; You love her right...??

Aarumon : Yes

Tintumon : Then, go and kiss her

Aarumon : Why..?

Tintumon : Thats is direct marketing of your love

Aarumon went and kissed her but she slapped him on his face. 

Aarumon : She slapped me on my face

Tintumon : That was customer feedback..!!

590 : Letter from MD


Tintumon : Dad, You have a letter by post

Dad : Open and read it

Tintumon : He has praised you a lot in this Dad

Dad : What is written, read it loudly

Tintumon : "Thanks for your support in last year, with your help we have achieved our sales targets. Please continue your wonderful support....”

Mom : Wow, super. Who has sent it..?

Tintumon : M.D

Dad : There is a chance for a Promotion with increment

Mom : Love you dear, Umma...!!

Tintumon : Let me complete; its M.D, Beverage Corperation, Kerala…..!!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

589 : No Soda



Amma : Mone chaya tharatte..?

Tintumon : Venda

Amma : Coffee..?


Tintumon : Venda


Amma : Juice..?


Tintumon : Venda 

Amma : Brandy..?


Tintumon : Soda venda..!!