Wednesday, July 13, 2011

743 : One Wife or Two Wife

Aarumon : Is it better to have one wife or Two wives...??

Tintumon : Two wives

Aarumon : Why..??

Tintumon : If you marry one Girl she will fight with you but if you marry two girls they will fight each other for You..!!

742 : RIP or IPR

Prashasthayaya oru yuva nadi Accidentil marichu. Tintumon avarude shava kudeeram kaanaan poyi

Avide chennappol avide 'RIP' ennu ezhuthi vechirickunnath kanda Tintumon Ath mati 'IPR' ennu ezhuthi vechu. 

Ith kanda Aarumon : Athenthaa 'IPR'..??

Tintumon : Ivideyoru Piece Rest cheyyunnu..!!

741 : Taliban Leader Zawahiri

Tintumon lost His job as News Reader from a News Channel

Aarumon : What happened, How did you lose the job..??

Tintumon : 'Taliban Leader Zawahiri' Ennathu njan vaayichappol 'Taliban Leader Zawari Giri Giri' Ennu aayippoyedei...!!