Sunday, October 3, 2010

512 : Lifting 8 people with one finger

Tintumon : My father can lift 8 people with one finger
Aarumon : Don't tell these type of lies..
Tintumon : Why should i lie; My father is a lift operator...!!

511 : When I will feel hurt


Tintumon's Sorrow


Hundred words from a teacher does not hurt in the exam hall..... 


But a true friend's silence make me cry....


510 : The Smart



Teacher : Entha homework cheyathirunath..?

Tintumon : Veettil current illayirunnu teacher

Teacher : Current illenkil mezhukithiri upayogikanam

Tintumon : Theepeti pooja muriyil ayirunnu teacher


Teacher : Athentha pooja muriyil kayari theepeti eduthal...?


Tintumon : Kulichitillayrnu teacher

Teacher : Athentha kulikathath...?

Tintumon : Tankil vellam illayirnu teacher

Teacher : Athentha tankil vellam pump cheyathirunath...?

Tintumon : Athalle Teachere njan adyame paranjathu current illayirunnu ennu...!!