Tuesday, July 26, 2011

773 : Best Solution for Ladies

Two ladies were fighting for a seat in the bus, both claiming they came first.

Tintumon : I think the one who is more aged should take the seat

Both looked each other. But seat remained empty.

Tintumon took the seat and traveled happily

So Simple

772 : Respected Love

Tintumon : Di...I Love You

Rosimol : Edo...Kurach maanyamaayi samsaarich koode

Titumon : Ethrayum bahumanappetta Rosimole, Njan ninne Maanyamaayi premickunnu..!!

Thats all

771 : Kanjhi Kudickaan

Pichackaran : Kanjhi kudickaan vallathum tharane

Tintumon : Spoon Mathiyo..??

Here is Spoon & Fork

770 : Sign Board for Keep Silence

Tintumon was asked to write a sign board for conveying the message to keep the mobile phones in silent mode for a conference room.

Tintumon wrote like this.

Please keep your Mobile Phones in 'Manmohan Singh Mode'

Pin Drop Silence

769 : Facebook Marital Status Change

Tintumon's wife died. Just after the funeral.

Aarumon : Is there anything left to do..??

Tintumon : Yea, one more thing to do

Aarumon : Whats that..??

Tintumon : Bring my laptop, I have to change my marital status to 'Single'


768 : English Word of Kurangan

Teacher : Kurangan enna vaackinte English word parayoo..??

Tintumon : Monkey

Teacher : Sathyam parayeda, nee book nockiyalle paranjhath..??

Tintumon : Aey alla Sir

Teacher : Pinne

Tintumon : Njan Sarinte mugath nockiyaa paranjhath..!!