Monday, August 9, 2010

437 : Fevistick or Lipstick


Dad : Why is your sister sitting silent..?
Tintumon : Nothing. She asked me for lipstick. I gave her Fevistick...!!! 


436 : Tintumon Vs Abraham Lincon


If i get 8 hours to cut a tree i will spend 7 hours to sharpen my knife : Abraham Lincon

If i get 8 hours to study i will spend 7 hours to find my books : Tintumon 

435 : Dark mistake and Children


"Children in the dark make mistake" : Swami Vivekanadan

"Mistakes in the dark make Children" : Swami Tintumon 


434 : Pendrive


Teacher : How to say in English that a girl is driving 

Tintumon : Pendrive ...!!


433 : Detergent Detergent


Pinkumon : Eda,ente shirt detergent upayogichu kazhukiyapol cheruthayi....ini enth cheyum...?

Tintumon : Saramilla,nee aa detergent itt kulichal mathi....!!

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