Friday, May 7, 2010

146 : Quit Smoking


Achan :You are mature enough now....I will allow you to start smoking if you want to....”

Tintumon : Thanks Dad, but I quit it two years ago.... 

145 : Love Marriage Or Arranged


Teacher : What is the difference between LOVE Marriage and ARRANGED Marriage....?

Tintumon : It’s like asking someone whether suicide is better or being murdered....?

144 : Nokia Mobile from Gulf


Gulfil ninnu Maman : Ninaku entha vendath.....?

Tintumon : Mobile mathi mamaa... ..

Snehathode Maman : NOKIA mathiyo da kutta..... ....?

Tintumon : Nokiyal porada naari, Vaanganam.....

143 : Deewali without Permission


Teacher : Who is a terrorist....??

Tintumon : A terrorist is the one who comes to INDIA and celebrate DEEWALI without our permission...!!

142 : Glass and Bottle


Tintumol : My Grand mother is using glasses for last 38 years....

Tintumon:My Grandfather is 80 And Still Doesn’t Need Glasses…"

Tintumol : Waoo...Thats really great...

Tintumon: He Drinks Straight Out Of The Bottle..!!