Wednesday, April 20, 2011

678 : Don't be late always at Office

Tintumon came late by 1 hour in the office

Boss : Why you are late..??

Tintumon : I had some personal work sir

Boss : Hmm..Don't be late always

Tintumon : Yes sir

In the evening Tintumon was leaving the office 1 hour earlier. Boss saw it

Boss : Why you are leaving now..??

Tintumon : I can't be late always...Sir...!!

677 : Interview Tips

Tintumon went for an Interview

Interviewer : Whether should I ask ten simple questions or one really difficult question..??

Tintumon : Ask one really difficult question

Interviewer : What comes first day or night..??

Tintumon : Day Sir

Interviewer : How..??

Tintumon : Sorry Sir, You promised me that you will not ask me a second difficult question..!!