Sunday, February 20, 2011

612 : Ningalude Maavum Pookum



Dundumol : Ethra vellam ozhichittum valam ittittum ente veetila maavu pookkunilla...Enth cheyyum

Tintumon : Nee Jyothis'il chernal mathi...." NINTE MAAVUM POOKKUM "


611 : New Element By Tintumon



Scientist Tintumon invented new element.

Element name : GIRL

Symbol : GL

Atomic no : 143

Found : Everywhere

Physical properties : Boils at any anytime, freeze anybody anytime, melts when handled with love and care, very reactive, highly unstable, attracted towards gold, silver etc…

Uses : Used to destroy boys, Good reducing agent of money...!!!


610 : Tenth Month


Teacher : Ist Month January, 2nd Month february..Then what is 10th Month...?

Tintumon : Delivery...!!

609 : Drakula

Tintumon's wife gave birth to a Child

Nurse : Urgently need a bottle of Blood

Tintumon : Avalentha Draculaye aano prasaviche..?

608 : Not getting Fit



Tintumon : Doctor njan ethra vellam adichalum fit aakunnilla

Doctor : Kalla panni, nee ippo full fitta njan Doctor alla ninte Thanthayada..!


607 : Best Valentine's Card



Tintumon to shop keeper : Give me the best Valentines day card

Shopkeeper : See this.., Quote is really super.. “To the only girl I ever loved...”

Tintumon : Wow, Super...Give 10 Similar Cards...!!

606 : Laziness at the Best


Tintumon : Mom, Please give me a glass of Water

Mom : You come and Drink

Tintumon : Please Mom

Mom : If you repeat it, I will slap you

Tintumon : Ok, Bring the water when you come to Slap me...!!

605 : 3 Unforgettables


Teacher : Tell three unforgettable things in your life...?

Tintumon : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner...!!