Tuesday, May 25, 2010

247 : What is fashion designing

Teacher : What is fashion designing…?
Tintumon : Too many brains working on too little clothes, with too many ideas on how to cover too little areas.

246 : New Style of Proposing


Tintumon's Style of proposing

Tintumon to Dundumol : I have spent many sleepless nights in your love and  I don’t want my son to do the same with your daughter So lets make them brother & sister....

245 : I Love You Da


UKG’il padikkunna Tintumonodu, LKG’il padikkunna Dundumol : I LOVE YOU DA...

Tintumon : Pha dash mole, Mottennu viriyatha ninne kittiyittu njan enthu cheyyana…?

244 : Progress Report


Teacher : Eda Tintu.. Da Ninte Progress Report.. mothom MOTTAYA… oru vandi vilichh veetttil ethichoo…!!

Tintumon : Sheri…. Athil teacher “HANDLE WITH CARE” ennu koodi ezuthikkoo…. Illel Achan chilappo eduthu eriyumm……!!

243 : Eiffel Tower


Dundumon : Can a Kangaroo Jump Higher than the Eiffel Tower....?

Tintumon : Yes, But Eiffel Tower Can’t Jump you fool...!!