Thursday, March 3, 2011

629 : Marriage and The Ring


Aarumon : Whats Marriage..?

Tintumon : Marriage is a three ring circus

Aarumon : How..?

Tintumon : An engagement ring, a wedding ring and suffering..!!

628 : The Successful Man


Dundumon : Who is a Successful Man...??

Tintumon : A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend...!!

627 : With Pichackaran

Pichakaran : Enthelum tharanae.. vallathum kazhichittu 7 divasamayi....
Tintumon : Enthadei vishapponnum ille...??

626 : Confidence and Over Confidence


Aarumon : Whats difference between Confidence and Over Confidence..??

Tintumon : 12 boys planned  to propose a girl..10 boys came with a rose..But one came with a ring - thats confidence...

Aarumon : But what about  the Other One..?

Tintumon : He went to book auditorium for their marriage..Thats Over Confidence...!!

625 : Prime Minister of India


Teacher : Who is the Prime Minister of India..?

Pinkumol : Manmohan Singh

Teacher : Very Good, Who is the First female Prime Minister of India..?

Tintumon : Woman-mohan Singh