Saturday, December 11, 2010

559 : Newton's International Quiz Competition

Sir Issac Newton conducted an International Quiz Competition. Representatives of all major nations participated. Tintumon represented India

Newton : How to write four in between five....??

Chinese : Its a joke

Japanese : Its not technically possible

American : Wrong question

British : Not available in internet

Tintumon : I can, 

And wrote on the board

" F(IV)E "

Newton : It was an answerless question

Tintumon : If there is any other similar question I can help you

558 : Tintumon's Live Story



Tintumon's Live story

5 Friends lived in a room.

Namely Somebody, Nobody, Mad, Brain & Fool.


Oneday Somebody killed Nobody,

That time Brain was in bathroom,


Mad called Police....

Mad : Is it Police station...?

Police : Yes 

Mad : Somebody killed Nobody

Police : What....? Are you mad....??

Mad : Yes

Police : Don't you have brain...??

Mad : Brain was in bathroom

Police : You fool...? 

Mad : No sir, Fool is reading this story...!!