Sunday, December 19, 2010

577 : Days and Time Once gone will never Come back



Teacher : Days and Time Once gone cannot be seen again


Tintumon : Who said the days and time once gone cannot be seen...just go and check your 2005 calendar it is as same as 2011 calendar year....The days are same of the same date....

576 : Kuthirayum Kazhuthayum



Teacher : Enick oru kuthirayum kazhuthayum undennu karuthuka. Njan ethinte purathaavum kayari savari cheyyuka...?

Tintumon : Kuthirayude purathu

Teacher : Correct...! Engane manassilayi...?

Tintumon : Oru kazhutha veroru kazhuthayude purathu kayaraarillello...!!



575 : Sleeping Pills



One lady came to Dr.Tintumon to get medicine for her husband


Wife : My husband is having a lot of tension and stress..Give some medicines for him


Dr.Tintumon : Your husband needs rest and peace. Here are some sleeping Pills.

Wife : Thanks, When should I give them to him..?

Dr.Tintumon : They are for you...!!


574 : If Wife was a Newspaper



Wife : I wish if I was a newspaper,So that I would be in your hands all day...

Husband (Tintumon) : I too wish that you were a newspaper,So that I could have a new one every day...!!


573 : Call to Wife From Hell



Tintumon was having telephone booth at Hell 

A man in Hell asked Tintumon : Can I make a call to my Wife...?

After making the call he asked how much to pay....?

Tintumon : Nothing, Hell to Hell is Free....!!



572 : Urackaathinidayile Nadatham



Padippikkunathinidayil Classil ninnum irangi pokunna Dundu mole kanda Teacher...

Teacher : Class eduthu kondirikkunathinidayil nee evide pokunnedi..?

Tintumon : Avalkku Urakathil ezhunettu nadakkunna swabhavam undu teacher..!!