Wednesday, May 5, 2010

136 : Letter to Bill Gates


Tintumon’s Letter to Bill Gates

Dear Bill Gates,

We have bought a computer for our home and we have found some problems, which i want to bring to your notice..

1. There is a button start but there is no stop button. I request you to check this..

2. I learn’t microsoft word Now i want to learn microsoft sentence, so when will you provide?

one personal question: how is it...?  Your name is ‘gates’ but you are selling windows?


135 : Pencil Lost


Hi, i'm Tintumon PK.

Studing in LKG in pottakuzhi school.

lost my "rubber vecha pencil".

I very luv d pencil. No pencil,
no copy writing.

Teachr sure "thandakku vili".
One pencil
many uses like "cheviyil idal", kuthi varakkal", etc..

thantha koolipanikkaran. Always in shaapz. Putting vaalz.

pencil cost Rs 3.

i do not know u but u forwrd this msg i get 10
paisa frm world bank.

U have heart, plz fwd to atleast 10 ppl.

life in ur hand

134 : Sangathi Ulliyil


Achan: Ethenthaadaa nee 5 kilo ulli vangikkondu vannathu....?

Tintumon: Njaan naale pattu paadaan pokuvalle....

Achan: Athinenthinaada ulli....?

Tintumon: AchaStar Singeril
kettittille "Sangathi" ulleennu varanam ennu....

133 : Hindustan Lever


Teacher: What will you call a person who leaves India ?

Tintumon: Hindustan Lever......!!!!

132 : Bible Whats Inside?


sunday schoolil...

Teacher: Bibilil enthellam undennariyammo....?

Tintumon: Yes.... ammumayude hospital sheet, achante SSLC fail certificate, ammayude sooji, enthe mayil peeli..