Saturday, April 9, 2011

672 : Syllabus Change and GF Change

Amma : Kazhinja Semesteril nee oru penninde koode chutti nadannu..

Tintumon : Athinu

Mummy : Ippol vere Penninte koode aanallo..??

Tintumon : Ath pinne Syllabus change aayille mummy..!!

671 : Sindhu and Ganga Rivers

Teacher : Sindhu and Ganga are two major rivers of India

Students : ok

Teacher : Now tell the names two major rivers in Pakistan..?

Tintumon : Khadheeja and Aamina

670 : Successful Love Story

Aarumon : Behind every successful love story there is a Friendship

Tintumon : Oh, there is another fact also

Aarumon : Whats that..??

Tintumon : Behind every seperated friendship there is a Love Story..!!

669 : Reason Why Dhoni found form in WC Final

Tintumon : Do you know the reason why Dhoni suddenly found form in WC Final..??

Dundumon : I think its his Luck

Titumon : Not luck

Dundumon : Then

Tintumon : Poonam Pandey..!!

668 : Brian Lara and Lara Dutta

Teacher : Make a sentence in which one word is repeated 4 times
Tintumon : If Lara Dutta marries Brian Lara and she becomes Lara Lara..!!

667 : Microsoft Excel

Tintumon in computer Viva...!!!

Examiner : What is Microsoft Excel...?

Tintumon : It is a new brand of surf Excel to clean computer...!!