Sunday, July 25, 2010

414 : Talking Sweetly with Wife


Tintumon was talking so sweetly for a long time in Phone

Aarumon : Aarodaa samsaarichath...?

Tintumon : Wife nodu

Aarumon : Ithra snehathodeyo...?...!!

Tintumon : Ninte wife aayirunnedaa...!!

413 : Interview Questions and Answers


In an interview

Interviewer : How does a scooter run....?
Tintumon : Dhhuuuurrrrrrrrrr………….

Interviewer shouts : Stop it..!!
Tintumon : Dhhuurrrr dhupp dhupp dhupp dhupp...

412 : Arrested for Shopping Early..?


Tintumon at Court

Judge : Why are you arrested..?
Tintumon : For shopping early

Judge : Well, that's not a crime, anyway how early were you shopping..?

Tintumon : Before opening the shop..!!