Tuesday, September 7, 2010

455 : Appam Thinnal pore

In maths class Teacher asked a question to Tintumon

Tintumon said the right answer

Teacher : Now tell how did you get it...?

Tintumon : Appam thinnal pore saare  kuzhi ennano....??

454 : Birthday Gift with Diamond


Tintumon : Dundumol, what do you want as Birthday gift ?

Dundumol : Anything that contains diamond

Tintumon send her a set of play cards as gift

453 : Why only Virgins ?


Dundumon : Why do men always want to marry a virgin...?

Tintumon : To avoid criticism and comparison…!!

452 : Minimum and Maximum

Teacher : What you call your mother...?

Tintumon : Mum

Teacher : Then what you will call your mother’s younger sister & elder sister...?

Tintumon : Minimum & Maximum

451 : Dosham Aarck


Pinkumol : Ente bharthaavillaatha samayathu nee ente veettil varunnathinte dosham enikkaanu..

Tintumon : Ninte bharthaavulla samayathu kayari vannaal athinte dosham enikkaanu...!!