Saturday, May 22, 2010

231 : Adidas


History teacher : Name kalidas’s brother who was a shoemaker...?

Tintumon : Adidas  

230 : Rest and No Rest


Priest : God made man and then rested...
Tintumon : God made women and then no one rested.

229 : Pregnancy Possible or Not....?


Tintumol (LKG) : Teacher…pregnant aakan ethra vayssaakanm...?

Teacher : athinu pathinanchu vayassenkilum aakanam.

Tintumon From Back Bench : Njan appozhe paranjille kozhappamonnumillaaannuuu…

228 :Two Interesting Inventions


Tintumon's two interesting inventions...
1. No one has ever complained of a parachute not opening.

2. The Indian railway track is the longest toilet on the earth....We can use it from kanyakumari to kashmir!

227 : Horse and Donkey


British : Why You Indians are in different colors...?...Look we are All White...!

Tintumon : Horses are in different colors, But Donkeys are all the same...

226 : Great Inventions


American : We Invented Cellphone.

Japanese : We Invented SIM Card.

Tintumon : Indians Invented Missed Call.!