Sunday, July 24, 2011

765 : Maths Definition

Aarumon : Whats the definition of Maths..??

Tintumon : Maths is the act of searching a black cat which doesn't have eyes in a dark room..!!
Real Definition

764 : Laddu

Rosimol went to Tintumon's Bakery

Tintumon : Hai Rosi, have this Laddu

Rosimol ate it and asked

Rosimol : Whats special today..??

Tintumon : Today is 1 year celebration

Rosimol : Of this shop..??

Tintumon : No, of that Laddu you had...!!

Manassil oru Laddu Potti

763 : Save Petrol

Tintumon was asked to write a sign board on the topic 'Save Petrol'

Tintumon wrote this way

'Avoid Girlfriends it saves 90% of petrol'

The Truth

762 : Alcohol Kills Slowly

One day Tintumon drunk a lot. When he reached home

Dad : Tintu, Don't drink Alcohol

Tintumon : Why..??

Dad : Alcohol Kills Slowly

Tintumon : So what..?? Who is in a hurry..!!

What to say now..??