Thursday, July 14, 2011

750 : Search Engine Faster than Google

Aarumon : Is there a search engine which searches faster than Google..??

Tintumon : Yes, A boy's eye

Aarumon : When..??

Tintumon : In searching a beautiful girl from a Crowd..!!

749 : Honest Man, Wise Man & Husband

Teacher : If a man surrenders when he is wrong, He is a..??

Tintumon : Honest Man

TeacherIf a man surrenders when he is not sure, He is a..??

Tintumon : Wise Man

Teacher : If a man surrenders even if he is right, He is a..??

Tintumon : Husband..!!

748 : Walking in the Rain

One day Tintumon was walking through the Road. Suddenly it started to Rain.

One girl went near to him and told :  Get into my umbrella

Tintumon : No thanks, Its ok Sister. He walked away drenched in the rain

What is the Moral of the Incident..??

Nothing, The girl is not that cute..!!

747 : Complete and Finish

Tintumon went for an Interview

Interviewer : What is the difference between 'Complete and Finish'..??

Tintumon : When you marry the right person you are 'Complete' and when you marry the wrong person you are 'Finish'

746 : How to use the Word Friendship

Aarumon : How the Word Friendship is being used..??

Tintumon : Boys use the Word Friendship to start Love and Girls use it to end Love..!!

745 : Sound Advice

Aarumon : When you have done something wrong and you are in trouble, where will you go for a Sound Advice..??

Tintumon : Go to my parents

Aarumon : Are you sure..??

Tintumon : Yea, you will get 99% sound and 1% Advice..!!

744 : Richimon And

Tintumonte Classileck oru puthiya student vannu 'Richimon'

Tintumon : Eda ninackenthaa Richimon ennu perittath..??

Richimon : Njan Jenichappo ente parents Rich aayi athu kondaa Richimon ennu perittath

Tintumon : Nee jenichappo ninte parents 'Poor' aavaathirunnath nannaayi..!!