Friday, May 28, 2010

258 : Checkoslovakia to Goa


Teacher : Tintumon,Where is your native place...?

Tintumon : Checkoslovakia....

Teacher : Tell me the spelling…

(kure neram alochichathinu shesham Tintumon)

Tintumon : Patticheeee…….!!!!!! native place is GOA..

257 : Youth Getting Worse


Tintumon : The youth now a days is getting Worse...!!

Dundumon : Why do you say that...?

Tintumon : I was in Temple, When a Guy next to me lit a Cigarette from the Aarathi.... I was Shocked and almost dropped my Beer Bottle....!!

256 : How to ask for Leave..?


Tintumon asking the teacher for leave.....

Tintumon : Ente appooppan marichu....!!!

Teacher : Ninte appooppanalle kazhinja aazhcha marichathu...?

Tintumon : Ammoomma veendum ketti....!

255 : Interview with SugathaKumari


Malayalam pareeksha ezhuthikondirikkunna Tintumon 

Qn: Prashastha kavayathri Sugathakumariyumaayulla oru abhimukham ezhuthuka ....?

Tintumon inganne ezhuthi….. 

Njan : namasthe teacher...!!.. njan teacherumaayi oru abhimukham nadathaan vanathaanu 

Sugathakumari : samayamila mone..poyittu pinne varu... 

Njan : sheri teacher....!!

254 : Watchman and Beggar


Bus Conductor : Why are you standing near the door, is your father a watchman...?

Tintumon : Why are you always asking for “Change”, Is your father a Beggar...??

253 : How to settle a Police Dad


Police Constable to his son, Tintumon : Stupid, why did you get very low marks in your last exam.....?

Tintumon : Keep this 100 rupees & leave the matter...!

252 : Difference Between Dog and You


British : Do you know Swimming...?

Tintumon : No...

British : Dog is better than you it Swims....

Tintumon : Do you know Swimming....?

British : Ya...!

Tintumon Then, what is the difference between you & dog...?

251 : How to Write Answers in Exams..?


New Way of writing answers in exams

Tintumon starts to use a new method of writing answers in exams

For all the questions, which he don't know the answer.

he will draw as given below

and write like this.

'Scratch here 4 Answers'